Friday, 18 July 2014

Final team photo!

Team safely checked in!

The team made a breakfast of pancakes this morning as a thank you for the mamas at the lodge.
The mamas came with them to the airport to wave them off and after some sad goodbyes the team are now checked in ready for their flight to Johannesburg, and then their flight home.
We hope you have enjoyed this updates. We have been privileged to share the group's journey with them.

Best wishes,
The Inspire Team

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Addo Elephant Park & a birthday!

Today's blog comes from Louise:

So far, in South Africa, we've had an amazing experience at Charles Duna school and today we had the good fortune to visit the Addo Elephant park, a national park near to Port Elizabeth. There we saw a variety of animals, some of which the group had never seen before. My personal favourite was the elephants who made an appearance many times. We had lunch at a picturesque location overlooking the surrounding bush area. It was the perfect way to end our trip.

Though we're all sad to be leaving tomorrow, I personally believe that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I know that everyone, including myself, are going to take many things away that we can cherish forever.

We also had a wonderful braai this evening with all the mamas and staff from Calabash Tours, and were serenaded by a gospel choir. Giulia also celebrated her 17th birthday with a huge glittery carrot cake and received a bucket of water dumped over her head as is South African tradition! Tomorrow morning we'll be getting up early to prepare the mamas a breakfast of pancakes and porridge, and after that it's time to pack and go straight to the airport.

Its been an unforgettable 10 days which has passed far too quickly and we'll all be taking home very happy memories. Thank you and good night!

Photos from the last day at Charles Duna school:

 Giulia's birthday and night with the mamas:

Addo elephants!!

An emotional last day at Charles Duna School

Yesterday saw the team's last day at Charles Duna school, which proved to be a very emotional one!
Each and every member of the team has put in a huge amount of effort to run what has been a very successful summer school. Each night the team have sat and planned their lessons for the following day, putting in everything they have for the children at the school. Nat, their Inspire Leader, Mr Witts and Ms Elks and us here at Inspire HQ are hugely proud of their achievements, and I'm sure you are too!

Here is a little update on yesterday's activities from Alessia and Louise. The group were tired last night, but VERY excited about their trip to Addo Elephant Park today!

"Today was agreeably the saddest day that we have had here at Charles Duna, as it was our last day here at the school after 5 days teaching the wonderful learners. The goodbye ceremony was just as memorable as the opening and is something that we will always cherish in our hearts alongside the wonderful children. However, this was not only a sad affair here at the school as we realised that this was also a happy day because it was a day where we were able to appreciate the children as smart, caring, and extremely hard working".

Photos of the leaving ceremony coming soon!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lesson planning & hair braiding

Tonight's blog comes from Justyna:

So far this experience has been brilliant, working with the kids at ages between 9-14 has taught me patience and seeing them not have as many resources and opportunities has made me realise fully about how privileged we all are.
Recieving letters and little presents made by the kids made me more than happy to cause such a change in their lives. As well as this, today me, Zac, Melissa and Evelyn went a bit wild and got our hair braided by a local lady, pictures to follow!
The mamas, the ladies that run the lodge we're staying in, performed for us today singing their traditional songs. It was lovely to see them put their heart and soul into it. It made us see that their love for their country and culture is very strong. Tomorrow is our last day of the project work which we are a bit sad about because we won't see the kids anymore, but on the other hand we are all excited about not having to plan lessons till 11pm!
Justyna :)